Our Story:

GOGO's KITCHEN PAYS TRIBUTE to all grandmothers in South Africa. It has a distinctive meat-like texture and its mnandilicious taste 
comes from locally sourced ingredients. Our recipes are thoughtfully prepared to bring “A Taste of Home” to all families. Cooking GoGo’s Kitchen Soya Mince is quick and easy, it provides a delicious and nutritious meal to be enjoyed with rice, pap, samp or bread. It's simply Mnandilicious…


years of research
dedicated to developing Vegemeat gives birth to an unique plant-based product. Vegemeat is a sustainable cooking ingredient that offers an ideal alternative to meat, and it can be used as a delicious addition to your favourite meaty dishes. Vegemeat is low in fat, high in protein and high in dietary fibre. It has a chunky meat-like texture and the taste compares to the meaty bite you love. It is nutritional and simply mnandilicious!

OUR team behind GoGo’s Kitchen is a dynamic group of committed and enthusiastic individuals. We are dedicated to bring you the best taste in plant-based nutrition in Africa. We celebrate this country and our individuality with this common goal, which inspires our strong team spirit in delivering outstanding results.

YOUR Number one in Africa. Handyware Food Technologies is the only producer of Vegemeat in Africa. We produce according to the highest standards using 100% plant based, locally sourced raw materials. Since May 2017, we commenced our operations using state of the art food manufacturing facility in Centurion, South Africa. We are accredited by the Halaal and Shuddha food certification bodies.

Certification of acceptability for food premises 

Strictly Vegetarian

Shuddha Certificate

Tshwane Municipality

Halaal Certificate

Muslim Judicial Council 

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